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We are Nancy and Paul. We moved to Mazatlán in September of 2007 from the Pacific Northwest.  Nancy & Paul

Our blog starts out (go to the blog archives at left) when we were still working and hadn’t yet decided where in México we would be moving. We traveled quite a bit and hopefully our decision process can help you, too.

We worked hard getting ready to move – had to work on our property to prepare it for sale, get it on the market, and sell it. We discussed all the issues related to making such a big move – from telling friends and family to selling everything… and everything in between.

We bought an old home in Mazatlán’s Centro Historico. It had been partially remodeled/restored, but we still have done a lot of work to it. Kitchen cabinets, painting, a mural, courtyard remodeling, and much more has been documented in these pages. If you want to read about a specific topic, check out the Labels at the left side of the page.

We’re been here several years now, so our blog is mostly about just living our lives in México.  Be sure to take a look at our individual pages (links at top) to check out photos, video, and Mexico links and resources. We also have a wonderful forum here, the Mazatlán Exchange Forum. If you have questions about Mazatlán or just want to browse what is going on, it’s a wealth of information.

In June of 2011 I was asked to become a contributor to the Mexico Today – Marca País project.  The project ended in December of 2011, but I enjoyed being a part of the team and writing for them about my favorite topic – México!  I wrote a post about the project, here.

I also contribute to and manage the website The Truth About Mexico.  My most popular posts were Why I Love Mexico and Safety in Mexico. In addition, I was interviewed by Mexico Real Estate Investment about life as an expat in Mazatlán. (I’m always interested in México related writing projects, too.)  In  2011 I wrote a monthly column for M! Magazine, Mazatlán’s favorite English language monthly paper.  If you’re in town you can pick up a copy for free many places or check it out online. 

I spent a bit of 2012 and part of 2013 undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Thankfully my obsession with green tea, love of exercise, and my 30 year vegetarian diet gave me a great prognosis. My checkups have been perfect and I don’t expect a recurrence.

For Mazatlan news and information and links to things to do in Mazatlan, please visit our @Maz page.  For general Mexico news and information,  information on moving or living in Mexico, or information about learning Spanish, please visit our @Mex page.  I update links all the time, so please visit often!

There are also lots of photo galleries of Mazatlan’s beaches, events, parades, and from our travels around Mexico on the Photos page, as well as lots of videos of surfing, birds, Mazatlan’s Carnaval celebration and much more on the Videos page.

If you’d like to read other blogs about Mazatlán or other areas in México, I have a great blogroll that is organized by area.

I’m a nut for reading, and you can see the books I read each year in a widget on the left side of each page. And speaking of reading, here’s a page if you just want to read my favorite posts! You’ll also notice a link in the top menu bar to STORE.  That is to the Countdown to Mexico store on Amazon.  There are books, movies, Kindle books, cookbooks, and much more for all of you wanting to learn or dream about México.

I’m an avid knitter, too, and I’d like to encourage my knitting readers to join the English Speaking Knitters in Mexico group on Ravelry. You need to join Ravelry (it is free) and you will find a world of patterns and ideas for knitters – plus groups like ours to share information and friendship. There are pages on yarn shops in many areas in Mexico, with information contributed by the members. I’ve got pictures of many of my projects on Ravelry, too.  (Find me on Ravelry as nannernoo)

I hope if you enjoy the blog and the resources above you’ll also “like” Countdown to Mexico on Facebook.

Thanks for coming by, and don’t forget to leave a comment if a post interests you!