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The Truth About Mexico!
The Truth About Mexico!

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The links below are all general México links.  If you’re looking for Mazatlán links, visit the @Maz page.

México News and Information:

Mexico Voices – Translated articles and analysis

The News – English language daily from México City

El Universal – Spanish language daily

Reforma – Spanish language daily from México City

Mexico Unmasked – McClatchy news Mexico bureau

LA Times México – México news from LaPlaza of the Los Angeles Times

NY Times Americas – News of the Americas from the New York Times

Inside México – News magazine in English

The Truth about Mexico – Informational website about the reality of living in México to counteract media fear mongering

General information about moving or living in México:

MexConnect – lots of great information and forums

RollyBrook – a fantastic resource about moving and living in México, unfortunately Rolly passsed away so the site is not being updated

Scott Parks page of México links – Covering all regions of México

Go Mexico Guide - Lots of links about things to do in Mexico City and environs

People’s Guide – The People’s Guide to México is a fantastic book, but the website is great, too.

Tom Zap – Lots of information on the Oaxaca, Jalisco and Colima.

Estafeta Members – Ebay/Estafeta connection for inexpensive shipping to Mexico

Stackry – Shopping option for online purchases

Mexico Webcams – Fantastic site with webcams for many locations in México

Convoy & Caravan Finder – if you want to cross the border & travel as a group

Lost & Found in México – a documentary made by Caren Cross about life in San Miguel de Allende

MexicoGuru – Where to retire quiz and other México information

Monarch butterflies – Info on the monarch butterflies, that winter in Michoacán

Death in a Foreign Country - What to do if someone dies while in México

About México:

INAH Museums in Mexico – Sorted by state

Pet friendly lodging in México – Gringo dog website with lots of links to pet friendly lodging

Mexican Textiles – Robert Freund’s fantastic collection of photos and information

Plants & Animals – Information on México’s plants & animals

Point to Point – Distance calculator and route planner for México

Tropical Fruits – Nice directory of tropical fruits

Food for Health Mexico – Great source for info on foods found here

Language Learning

LoMás TV – Videos as learning tools, we subscribed for six months, it is very good.

BBC Spanish – Lots of videos and learning tools

Destinos – Learning tool soap opera that really helps you understand Spanish.  Highly recommend.

Rolling R’s – Videos to help you learn Spanish.  I used these when I was a beginner.

Michel Thomas – I took these out of the library NOB and made copies, listening to them over and over.  Highly recommend.

eLearn Spanish – I love this site, tons of tools

Spanish language & culture – Very deep site with lots and lots of information

Open Culture – Site with great links

Books in English

Sandi Books – Bookseller in Guadalajara, will ship.